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The best kind of knowledge comes from experience. At PROJstudy, we understand that project management is not just about passing an exam-it is about real-world experience. Project managers need to evolve with their ever-changing industries. Each project is different, and the market is always changing.

Based on years of experience in delivering effective project management training, we have designed our courses to not only assist in certification, but also to empower with best practices. We achieve this by providing a unique blend of concepts, case studies, and role-play simulations that guarantee our students know-how to implement effective project management in their organizations. This is certification preparation plus.

All our instructors are expert facilitators who guide their groups through the role-play exercises, providing individual attention at the same time. Our role-plays integrate real-time challenges that give our students an opportunity to react, plan, and implement changes in the project.

Our industry leading pass rate of 98% (more-hyperlink) and the excellent delegate feedback we receive provide testimony to the effectiveness of our training methodology.

See for yourself how our case studies can help you implement project management strategies:

Case study 1 (Relocation project): A financial institution (name withheld) wants to relocate its headquarters from one city to another due to numerous socio-economic factors.

During the course, the instructor will lead the delegates through this case study discussing how to apply the PRINCE2 methodology in the management of this project. The instructor will explain the PRINCE2 concepts, themes, principles, and processes using the case study which will enable the delegates to relate the terms and concepts to their project management experience.

This case study will also be used for a role-play. The delegates will be asked to assume some of the following project management team roles: Project Board, Project Manager, Project Assurance, Change Authority, Team Manager and Project Support. Using the context of the Relocation project, the delegates will be asked to develop some of the key PRINCE2 management products like the Business Case, the Quality Management Strategy, the Configuration Management Strategy, etc. Also, the delegates will be presented with various scenarios based on the Relocation project through which they will learn the appropriate application of the important procedures discussed in PRINCE2 like the issue and change control procedure, the risk management procedure, the configuration management procedure, etc.

Case study 2 (4G project): A telecom company wants to add 4G service to its catalogue of services to capture the market that is emerging for this service.

The instructor will use this case study along with the case study of Relocation project. Some of the key techniques of PRINCE2 like product-based planning will be discussed using this case study. For example, each of the four steps of the product-based planning will be explained using this case study. The 1st step, creation of Project Product Description will involve: identification and involvement of the user groups to gather the customer quality expectations (CQEs). The instructor will also discuss how to develop CQEs into acceptance criteria and get them signed-off by the users. A CQE may be availability and price of the service: the end users may expect the service to be available 24/7, the speed to remain high irrespective of their location, and the price to be very economical. The project manager has to decide, in consultation with the Executive and the Senior User, whether the project will be able to meet this expectation under the given constraints of budget, time, resources, etc. And if the decision is to meet this expectation, then the project manager, with the help of the Senior Users, must express this expectation in measurable terms (acceptance criterion).

These real-world examples are similar to the situations you will embrace as certified PRINCE2 Practitioners, and we want to prepare you to achieve better results not just in the PRINCE2 examinations, but also at your work place. We are not just preparing you for an exam-we are preparing you to be a successful project manager.

PROJstudy is happy to customize our coursework specifically to your company or industry, positively impacting your project objectives right from the start. For more details, please contact us today at

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